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Kulp Energy Solutions Interest in CNG

Kulp Energy Solutions, LLC was founded in 2011 to promote the use of CNG in Wisconsin by advocacy, installing a public access CNG filling station in Stratford, and providing high quality vehicle up-fits (conversions) for clients.

Bob Kulp, the founder of Kulp Energy Solutions, carefully studied this industry for several years and it soon became apparent to him that there would be a big benefit to the area and region if there were options available for CNG fueling and vehicles. In “doing the math” for other Kulp business group vehicles it was also evident that it would pay off rather quickly to up-fit Kulp’s fleet vehicles to use CNG in addition to gasoline. After inquiring with numerous vehicle dealerships and auto shops, it was discovered that no one in the area was certified to install CNG kits, or had any knowledge of them.

The lack of certified CNG up-fit companies in Wisconsin presented an opportunity for the Kulp’s management team to consider the options of starting an entity dedicated to providing up-fit services for their own fleet as well as others and to install a CNG fueling station at a location close to Stratford to service Kulp’s fleet.

In August 2011, the management team identified key personnel with technical skills and aptitude for this venture and key personnel attended Impco and State of Oklahoma certification training in Oklahoma City.  Wisconsin does not currently have CNG certification or licensing and Oklahoma is one of the only states that does.

In September and November 2011 and January 2012, informational and stakeholder meetings were organized by Kulp and others and held to bring together fueling companies, fleet owners, political representatives, and utility companies to increase the interest and exchange of information for the purpose of increasing the awareness and ultimately the fueling options in Wisconsin. See some of the news stories on this venture: The Business News, Wausau Daily Herald, Marshfield News Herald or Record Review.

Kulp Companies

Bob is the founder of several other successful business ventures including the following:


Kulp Capabilities

The Kulp Companies have always identified and assembled the best people and put in place the most efficient processes for the task at hand, whether in roofing, spray foam insulation, specialty metal fabrication, or solar photovoltaics. Working on vehicles is different than working on buildings. We are committed to bringing the strengths, diversity, and lessons learned from our current business groups to bear on Kulp Energy Solutions. These include the following:

We will be the premier choice for CNG up-fits in Wisconsin!

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