Kulp Energy Solutions Filling Station Stratford, WI

Kulp Energy Solutions public access fueling station is opening for business soon! Price $1.80 per gallon of gasoline equivalent!

This station is located 4 blocks south of the stop lights (Hwy 97 and Hwy 153 intersection) at 515 S Weber Ave, Stratford WI  54484. Kulp’s office location is located at C1891 Hwy 153, Stratford, WI 54484. If you have any problems with this station, call Keith at 715-615-9312 or Bob at 715-615-9300.

This station is designed to be the anchor station for Kulp’s of Stratford’s fleet of vehicles and will also have the capacity for public access fueling. An upgrade to increase capacity, as needed, is already being planned as the demand increases. Our dispenser features two hoses. We will accept Visa/Mastercard/Discover.

Pictures below of project progression.


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